Surfer Girl Beach Lolly Bag

Surfer Girl Beach Lolly Bag

Party Arts


Fip Flop design printed Cello bag with hibiscus flower tie closure design (bag dimensions approx. 28cm h x 13cm w). 

The contents include:

  • Hibiscus Flower blow up mini beach ball,
  • Flip Flop Thong Necklace,
  • Hibiscus Flower Pen on cord,
  • Surfer Girl tattoo,
  • 65gr Bag of Natural Glucose Lollies,
  • TNT chew bar,
  • Wizz Fizz Sherbet Satchet,
  • Beaded Bracelet,
  • Individually wrapped lolly,
  • Ice Cream Chew &
  • Lolly Pop.