Santa's Felt Large Tote Lolly Bag

Santa's Felt Large Tote Lolly Bag

Party Arts


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Felt Appliqued Tote Bag* with handles makes a lovely keepsake gift!

Can be reused to store & package gifts etc..

Santa's Bag Measures:  30cm H x 30cm W, Contains:

  • Christmas design Large Paddle Ball
  • 16 Pg Xmas Colour & Activity Book
  • Xmas Sketch Pad
  • 4 Pack Crayons
  • Xmas design Spinning Top
  • Large Candy Cane
  • 65 gr Bag Natural Glucose Lollies
  • Wicked Fizz Bar
  • Wizz Fizz Satchet
  • Large Rainbow Lolly Pop

*Bag design may vary from that pictures